Benefit from a number of our services including : Estimating, Design & Detail Drafting, Surveying & Project Management.


Project Management :

Our Project Management service is offered to take the full responsibility for bringing your project through the pre-construction phases, up to the point where manufacture can begin. We will ensure that the design work is completed within your budget constraints and in line with your programme requirements. With the designs approved, we will forward on straight to manufacture along with procurement and fixings lists.

Design & Detail Drafting :

Our drafting service can be utilised in a number of ways : We can follow on the Concept Imagery work and develop further into a technical drawing for planning or procurement. Equally, we can take an architects scheme and create a workable and buildable General Arrangement drawing for approval submission. This can be followed by detail drawing work to enable manufacture / fabrication. We can work from your own survey data or offer our surveying service for full responsibility.


Metalwork Estimating :

Our estimating service is offered as a benefit of our industry knowledge along with our eye for detail to ensure compliance is achieved. This service provides the support necessary to ensure early detailing remains buildable and affordable. This service provides you with a forecasted project cost and allows developers to determine where value engineering needs to be adopted or equally, where embellisments may be incorporated.

Surveying :

As part of our services, we conduct our own site surveying on all of our sites across the country : we are equipped with the latest laser measuring apparatus to ensure the highest degree of accuracy is achieved. Our survey results are provided by way of a basic outlined Autocad drawing accompanied with corresponding photographic views to help keep a pictorial timeline of the build progress. 





Benefit from our 3D modelling studio where photo realistic imagery can be produced to give a visual representation of a new concept or development project.


We can show you how your vision will look and enhance with amendments to your requests and specifications. This can be offered as a stand-alone service in its own right, but can be the first stage in a comprehensive Design & Build project.


We can take the conceptual process that extra mile by using our time served engineering experience to take into account many factors which may be over looked in the traditional concept design phase. This would include buildability, material compatibility, loading compliances and other technical aspects which can impact on the final appearance. Our know how will apply the unforeseens at the very outset to ensure that the finalised concept is a fully workable solution and ready for accurate tender invitation.






Benefit from our knowledge and experience within the industry to undertake Design & Build contracts through from concept to completion and taking advantage of the full scope of our service offering.


Design & Build Contracts : (Offered to Main Contractors only)

Our full spectrum of services offered allow us to bring all elements together to undertake Architectural Metalwork projects on a Design & Build basis from concept through to completion.

We become your sole point of contact through every stage of the project ensuring that you are always dealing with the same person, thus avoiding any handover mis-understandings, new relationships to establish and shifting of responsibility.


Our time served within the industry provides us with a wealth of knowledge, contacts and resources to ensure that we deliver your project to you, on time and in cost.


Our credentials are further reinforced by the number of high profile projects we have collectively worked on such as : One Tower Bridge, Ferrari / Maserati, Bupa & Rolls Royce to name a few.

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